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Gary Clancy's Hunting Tips Dealing With Henned-Up Gobblers The most common problem we turkey hunters experience is dealing with henned-up gobblers. Dealing with them is just one of those things that a turkey hunter is going to have to learn how to do if he or she hopes to be consistently successful. Here are the best ways I know of dealing with this common problem.
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Featured Adventure
Hunting Snows: A Great Dog Training Technique Being an avid waterfowl hunter, a true sign of spring for me is seeing ducks and geese on the move after the long winter. When birds fly over as I am out training dogs, all I can do is wait in anticipation for next fall. It's depressing for both me and the dogs. However, there is one thing that can help this ailment in spring -- chasing snows!
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Locating Early Open-Water Season Crappies Real estate agents know the rule well, and it applies to early open-water season crappies: location, location, location! Here are some tips on finding crappies on your favorite piece of water in the early season.
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Zebco 202, 404, 808 Spincast Reels Zebco's 202, 404 and 808 spincast reels are simple to use, reliable, and ideal for newcomers to the sport or kids. The 808 comes pre-spooled with 100 yards of 20-pound-test line.
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